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Here’s the deal:  Stop running bad ppc campaigns.

Your PPC doesn’t have to suck. If it does and we find it, we’ll be fairly blunt about it!

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    My name is Brienna and I work for ShoeMoney Media Group (http://www.shoemoney.com). We’re re-launching our super slick suite of PPC and SEO tools – ShoeMoney Tools (http://tools.shoemoney.com). And trust me – I understand your site is a little different – you guys take a witty, funny, honest approach to PPC ads. haha. Anyways, we are still interested in reaching out to your readers and audience and were curious as to any advertising options you may have.

    These tools are perfect for PPC marketers – and who better to help us out than the people who know a bad ad when they see it! Anyways, I would love to talk to you more about advertising and reaching out directly to your people. Feel free to find me on Twitter, shoot me an email with advertising information or give me a call. We’re trying to finalize our promo plans by April 1. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Brienna Pinnow
    Twitter – @BriennaP

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    Hey I enjoy your site, but you are getting a little lazy with no updates in a month. You get one more week before you are removed from favorites! Step it up, its a great blog.


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    Your sucks site sucks

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