Bluurrry Facebook Ad Image

Happy Thursday,

We found this poor resolution ad floating around Facebook and thought that you guys would enjoy it! It combines low res with snappy copy to provide a powerful paid advert.

I believe that the image is supposed to be a geographical rendition of the united kingdom…. however we’re open to other alternatives such as green spotted snake (with bag).  I personally love the fact that 34 people actually like this advert – do you think that they all share a common workplace?

For those asking, well wouldn’t it be cool if this advert was actually 3D ad and you were just too damn naive to notice this? (I tried using my Disney 3D glasses but it actually looked worse – so there).

For anyone harbouring any bad/good PPC ads let us know and we’ll get them posted asap.

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02 2011

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    omg. nooooob alert

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