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Hen Party PPC Fail, Bridges, and Drunk Dads

We’ve come across a strange PPC fail this week:

What the funk is a bridger photographer? Bridges are nice, but I’m keen on finding a hen party to pester. Unless they’re on a bridge. Then that’s fine.

You’ve gotta love his first description line: ‘Photography‘. He certainly gets to the point and calls a spade a spade – he’s a photographer. It’s kinda needed after the bridge confusion.

The second line, however, is less to the point. It appears to just be a cut-off list of words. Someone manage to confuse ‘keywords’ with ‘description line 2’?

Christmas pa‘ brings back memories though. He obviously means the very different dad / pa who turns up at Christmas, smelling of brandy and swearing. I’m not sure why you’d want to photograph him. Even if he was on a bridge. That’s my Christmas Pa in the picture below – Christmas Pa doesn’t like me, nor my bowl haircut.

Evil Santa and my kid brother Mike


12 2011

Yell Display: Part 2 – Attack of Trading Standards

We’ve built over 25,000 brilliant websites. Honest.


09 2011

Prudential misspelt their own brand, gulp.

It would be a little naive to think that this is a shocking discovery – everyone has a little misspelt brand blood on their hands, right?!

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04 2011

Grammatically Offensive Facebook Adverts

Let’s break down the key components of this advert

“Will explode the Japan nuclear reactor?”
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04 2011

Bluurrry Facebook Ad Image

Happy Thursday,

We found this poor resolution ad floating around Facebook and thought that you guys would enjoy it! It combines low res with snappy copy to provide a powerful paid advert.

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02 2011

Angel of Death – the danger of dynamic text

Dynamic ad text in PPC ads can be very useful for improving click-through, but we know you sometimes have to be careful. You have to be especially careful if your landing page then also uses dynamic text insertion in any way. Especially if the original search term was a competitors brand term. Especially if a user can then quickly change the text that’s shown on the page as they please.

Step forward Angel water coolers, with dynamic text after their brand name…

Angel of death water cooler

As you can see some people have been having some fun with this already, with one blog describing nicely how to play around with the Angel Springs quirk. They describe how there’s a section in the URL

that sets the title on the page, just change it as you wish apparently. Just try not to get scared by the woman on their website who’s eyes seem to be following me around the room. Scary.

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09 2010

Brighton is so 2009

We received this post from Owen the other day – Thanks a lot Owen for this one!

This PPC advert really underlines the importance of having an end date to seasonal or time limited adverts, unless you want to end up on our page of course.

For those who don’t know there is a very simple way of ensuring that your ads are not showing after the campaign has ended. Simply go to your campaign settings and set your end date to say the 1st of January in this case. If Ambassador Brighton had done this – last year – they would have been able to celebrate 2010.

We wonder if they are stuck in some kind of a time loop somewhere and keep repeating the year 2009 over and over again. If they are, this advert is fully excused, but we don’t really believe in such things as time loops Ambassador Brighton is hereby the proud owner of a blogpost dedicated especially to them and their lack of time management (the ad is still showing btw). Congratulations!

Watch your end dates guys!


07 2010

Insert Article Headline….

Interesting first sentence introducing main point, followed by introduction to rest of blog.

Main blog content containing the bulk of the topic information, including some sort of discussion. Summary of discussion and recommendation.

Snappy ending sentence.

Wow, wasn’t that bloody insightful?!

Didn’t think so. Templates aren’t for actual reader consumption, so why would you create the following advert?

Well, there’s only two possibilities;

A) You’ve hired some very cheap but dreadfully inexperienced sheep to create your PPC adverts (Baaa)


B) You’ve stormed the stupidity castle and launched your adverts without realising your advert is about as targeted as blind mans aim (we would like to state that this is on personal experience; we have yet to meet a blind individual who has beaten a fully-sighted individual on a range of stringent and gruelling aim tests without aid.  We will  recall this statement as soon as we encounter such an individual).

Templates are a great starting point for creating PPC copy, but you do actually have to change them.

What’s the solution?

Well, we would strongly recommend against hiring farm-yard animals for your paid advertising. It’s not cost effective and it’s slightly cruel!  We would also urge you to manually review your adverts, as it pays to be careful.

By giving your adverts a ‘sense check’ you can drive down your overall CPC, improve your CTR and not end up on the wrong side of Yourppcsucks’ wrath. Ouch.

A big thank you to Alex Cohen at Click Equations for providing us with this fantastically bad PPC catch!  Sorry about delay Alex.


07 2010

I’ll have one other unique queries to go please.

Oh Yes,  it’s the classic ‘copy and paste everything from your search query performance report’ mistake.  This lovely short cut does you wonders in terms of wasted spend, damaged brand and general mockery from the PPC world.

Before you scurry off to check your keyword lists, take a second to review some embarrasing relevancy ads.  Hate to go on about dynamic text, but for the love of PPC, don’t add keywords like ‘other unique queries’!

Money Experts are serious about saving you some money and wasting their own. They’ve even included ‘2 other unique queries’ in the display URL. Boom – that’s dedication.

Plumber Joe,  “Sorry but it’s a burst pipe. I”ll need to buy 1 other unique queries, should take a couple of days.”  Phew – thanks plumbworld!

Next time you conduct a search query performance report, please just look at the keywords before you add them!


04 2010

Ask Jeeves – but not about dates!

I’m not sure exactly who is to blame here – is it or the PPC advertiser?

Either way it sucks!

It’s still there in the UK if you get a chance.  The search works fine for the same advertiser the other way round “22nd march” so I’m still not sure if this is an engine issue or an advertiser issue…

Anyone shed any light on the situation?!


04 2010