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Out-Of-Date Easter Ad

Another example of why it’s essential to keep a timely promotion… timely!

This FB ad was submitted today, gulp!


05 2011

Time After Time

When Cyndi Lauper wrote Time after Time, did she envisage that her lyrics could be used by a PPC blog post to shame out of date PPC adverts? Probably not.

Here are some of the additional out-of-date PPC adverts that I found amusing and then forgot to post about… classic.

So what has happened? Well nothing, that’s the problem.  Please note that the World Cup betting adverts were sent to us after the World Cup, otherwise that wouldn’t really be funny (unless you think gambling is some massive joke).

Here are some possible explanations to why we have out of date adverts:

  • Some people just don’t want to live in the present – it’s too noisy and fast. Their only hope of salvation is to create nostalgic PPC ads to lead to a simpler time,  like the Dogs Baltic 2008… ahhh.
  • Marty from back to the future is now an accomplished PPC specialist who just can’t keep track of what month, year or day it is.

  • The Dogs Baltic could however be a themed hotel, and rather than taking it’s guests back to the 60’s or 70’s  disco era, has opted for the more niche 2008 period, where the term ‘credit crunch’ sounded like a type of sandwich and Jacko jokes were perfectly acceptable.
  • In an attempt to draw in new customers, some bookies will even take bets on past events.
  • Or… someone forgot to check the date, left their PPC advert running for years or  just doesn’t care about the finer things in life.

We’ll be honest and admit, everyone’s found a Christmas ad still running in march hidden away in that little ad group. We’re happy to note that both adverts are no longer showing – until next time out-of-date advert!


11 2010

Brighton is so 2009

We received this post from Owen the other day – Thanks a lot Owen for this one!

This PPC advert really underlines the importance of having an end date to seasonal or time limited adverts, unless you want to end up on our page of course.

For those who don’t know there is a very simple way of ensuring that your ads are not showing after the campaign has ended. Simply go to your campaign settings and set your end date to say the 1st of January in this case. If Ambassador Brighton had done this – last year – they would have been able to celebrate 2010.

We wonder if they are stuck in some kind of a time loop somewhere and keep repeating the year 2009 over and over again. If they are, this advert is fully excused, but we don’t really believe in such things as time loops Ambassador Brighton is hereby the proud owner of a blogpost dedicated especially to them and their lack of time management (the ad is still showing btw). Congratulations!

Watch your end dates guys!


07 2010