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Hen Party PPC Fail, Bridges, and Drunk Dads

We’ve come across a strange PPC fail this week:

What the funk is a bridger photographer? Bridges are nice, but I’m keen on finding a hen party to pester. Unless they’re on a bridge. Then that’s fine.

You’ve gotta love his first description line: ‘Photography‘. He certainly gets to the point and calls a spade a spade – he’s a photographer. It’s kinda needed after the bridge confusion.

The second line, however, is less to the point. It appears to just be a cut-off list of words. Someone manage to confuse ‘keywords’ with ‘description line 2’?

Christmas pa‘ brings back memories though. He obviously means the very different dad / pa who turns up at Christmas, smelling of brandy and swearing. I’m not sure why you’d want to photograph him. Even if he was on a bridge. That’s my Christmas Pa in the picture below – Christmas Pa doesn’t like me, nor my bowl haircut.

Evil Santa and my kid brother Mike


12 2011

Who wants a free trail?

Palm Canyon trail
Image via Wikipedia

Just saw this advert and was sorely disappointed when the landing page didn’t contain monkeys, pirates or treasure (common associations with trails, right?). Anyway, this advert has nothing to do with our beloved use of free paths, instead someone just misspelt trial. Oh well.

For those who do enjoy trails and found this blog post misleading, please accept our sincere apologies.


01 2011

When Spellcheck Would Have Helped:

There are two awesome parts to this screwed up advertisement:

Exposed Wrinkle Creams PPC misspelling

#1) They misspelled ‘wrinkle‘ with ‘wrinkl‘ – Granted, mistakes happen, sometimes people even run out of room. Though, there are still two more spaces available still in the title line.

#2) Domain name choice? Seriously? was the domain name of choice? Holy Crap: the .com is still available still!  I should get pretty soon – they are hot hot hot!

Thanks to Nathan J, for the submission!


03 2009