Grammatically Offensive Facebook Adverts

Let’s break down the key components of this advert

“Will explode the Japan nuclear reactor?”

Firstly, I don’t know where to even start with this one!  Unless Yoda has taken up PPC then I would recommend getting a competent English speaking individual to write your adverts or learn to “speak English motherfucker”.

Secondly, what’s with the weird spacing before the exclamation and punctuation mark  ?  !

Also, is anyone else worried about this picture? Personally it leaves me with a couple of worrying questions:

  1. Is that actually Angelina Jolie –  is she aware that they’re using her face for a Facebook advert?
  2. Why is she licking blood/Jam from her face?
  3. Who still wears black polo-necks?
  4. Why is she creepily looking at the copy? What are you insinuating?!

Based on these questions, this advert leads me to conclude that said person in this advert is a vampire who enjoys world disasters and feeds off people’s blood. Seriously, at this level of logic why not use Charlie Sheen laughing at the situation in Libya as a split test?!

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04 2011

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    Man, that’s a pretty awful FBppc ad!

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