Hen Party PPC Fail, Bridges, and Drunk Dads

We’ve come across a strange PPC fail this week:

What the funk is a bridger photographer? Bridges are nice, but I’m keen on finding a hen party to pester. Unless they’re on a bridge. Then that’s fine.

You’ve gotta love his first description line: ‘Photography‘. He certainly gets to the point and calls a spade a spade – he’s a photographer. It’s kinda needed after the bridge confusion.

The second line, however, is less to the point. It appears to just be a cut-off list of words. Someone manage to confuse ‘keywords’ with ‘description line 2’?

Christmas pa‘ brings back memories though. He obviously means the very different dad / pa who turns up at Christmas, smelling of brandy and swearing. I’m not sure why you’d want to photograph him. Even if he was on a bridge. That’s my Christmas Pa in the picture below – Christmas Pa doesn’t like me, nor my bowl haircut.

Evil Santa and my kid brother Mike

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