Ladies, Debenhams says your feet stink

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According to Debenhams PPC targeting, Women’s shoes posses a rather pungent smell and they have a sale?! Does anyone hear negatives? Thanks to Russel for submitting this PPC advert!

The ‘Stinky Feet Remedy’ is nicely targeted, even ‘Odour Shoes’ at Amazon I can deal with (for the moment) but Debenhams Blue Cross Sale?!  Talk about a waste of ad title!  Are searchers suppose to magically appreciate a link between the Debenhams blue cross sale and smelly shoes? Maybe you guys are targeting a niche market of smelly feet appreciators?! Whatever the case, it all “Ends Sun” Boo!

This advert is far too generic. The only keyword matching from the search query to the ad copy is within the display URL that  falls under ‘womens shoes’.  Is this a blatant indication that women have smelly feet or have Debenhams failed on a number of PPC issues such as negatives, advert copy, targeting and common sense?!

You know we don’t like PPC adverts with no relevance to the searched keyword. Well done guys. Just sticking shoes and women in at the end of the URL isn’t going to make it any more relevant. Lets run a Search Query Performance Report (SQPR) and make our adgroups a little more targeted please. If you don’t, you’ll end up with adverts that bear little relevancy to the searchers query.  Wave goodbye to your spend.

Right enough ranting,  we’re off to the Blue Cross Sale to smell some stinky women’s shoes! Catch you all next time!

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07 2010

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  1. Mel #

    I’d agree with you, if it was even remotely likely that anyone would type in “shoes that smell” as opposed to “feet that smell”, against which I would hazard, no advertiser with the keyword “shoes” on broad match would appear.

    Try to limit your ire to realistic search terms, please!

  2. Thom #

    Would have to concur with the comment above, your response is a little hysterical….
    For those that do type in ‘shoes that smell’ one suspects they’re looking for one of the many exciting fetish sites out there…advise avoiding spontaneous research exercise into this…my superiors now think me a little unsavoury.

  3. BABs - the Bad Advertising Bot #

    Thanks for both your comments!

    Both fair points – we meant it in a light-hearted rant, honest! Appreciate what both you guys are saying in terms of the keywords matching, however the focus of the article should be on the very weak advert copy and poor targeting. Also surely, you would add ‘smell’ as a negative?!

    Thom – Thanks to those with fetishes who do send us the odd provocative find.

    Mel – We will try to limit our ire 😉


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