Someone Forgot To Finish Their PPC Advertisement

I am speechless. Everything conventional and smart in a PPC optimizer would indicate it’s BAD for business to not write body text for your advertisement. Is it a PPC Blooper?  An embarrassing mistake?

OtherWorldEnterprises.Com had this advertisement running on Adwords:

embarassing ppc advertisement booperWhat is really perplexing is that they took the time to add a Title, and a Display URL  ……..

AND they took the time to click into the two lines of body text and add two periods? Google Adwords does require actual text to be there to save the ad, so I am sure someone was just in a rush.

Tip Of The Day: Even if you are going to test an advertisement temporarily take an extra 15 seconds to write two quick lines of text. Otherwise you get an advertisement available to the public that with a broad keyword can get a few thousand impressions. Then what happens is I find the blooper and post it on and YOU fire the person in charge of your PPC campaign.

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04 2009

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    I tried a similar search on Google(US n UK). But couldn’t find any. How did u find this bloke?..are you making this search in any other country?

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    The question is, did the ad stand out enough to where someone might notice it more? I’d be interested in the click through ratio of this ad versus the same ad with crappy copy on the two lines.

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    I actually had a best-converterting ad, that only had “:)” in Description.
    So i definitely thinks it’s worth trying atypical, even if it doesn’t make that much sense.

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    After reading about a similar experiment in WMW or SEW, I tried this a few years ago – surprisingly the CTR and conversion rate were both OK. Not better, but not worse than proper ad copies. I would bet that this particular ad copy would perform better than most as long as:
    1. Your headline/display URI are good
    2. the KWs in the adgroup are not ambiguous
    3. your product/offer is good enough that you do not need to qualify the clicks through the adtext
    4. no competing ad is using that trick


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