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BlackHateBook? – PPC Display URL’s Are Actually Important ….. There’s a slight difference between ‘hate’ and ‘hat’. This was from a PPC advertisement inside g-mail from one of our readers who’s e-mail content mentions SEO enough to warrant advertisements about it.


I’ve had it happen a million times. Have a little to drink, find a great domain, be in awe that it’s available and, boom. Buy it.

Only later realizing of course your domain name itself doesn’t promote a book about black hat practices, it appears to promote black hate and you have to live with it. “Meh, whatever.. it’s just a domain, no one cares about those.” (even though is available)

Sure enough, is the REAL domain for these guys. But it is better in their ‘dirty SEO tactics’ hands than as a KKK operated website.

They do rank well for a lot of related terms right now, but we definitely don’t support ‘blackhat seo practices or blackhate’ display url’s. Tip: Pick a non-offensive domain name, one that is easily remembered, and spell it correctly for the word you are trying to use.

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03 2009