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Someone Selling Obama on Pay Per Click Advertising?

Are you a lobbyist, activists, and/or someone in the pursuit of buying our new president for personal or financial gain? Our PPC humor blog here on has uncovered a loophole in our democracy You can buy President Obama on NexTag.Com.

We (the aforementioned PPC humor blog) wanted to buy off Obama in the hopes we could get a bill passed that would prevent the abuse of bad and embarrassing advertising on our search engines. (We’re looking at your,,,, &!) Go ahead and toss up NexTag.Com to that list.

buy obama on ppc from nextag


03 2009

Funny PPC! Buy Meth From and

*Ad was user submission: Thanks Ben!

We all know you can find just about ANYTHING on the internet. What you may not know, is despite Google’s strict rules prohibiting the sale of illegal drugs via Adwords, eBay.Com and have found a way to solicit Meth. Crystal.

The hard stuff. Ice. Crank. White Crunch. Crizzy. Devil Dust.

It doesn’t help that’s advertisement says “Feed your passion on!”

ebay-ppc-meth1utah-buy-methUtah Meth? Isn’t that the last state you’d think would be advertising Meth? ( Or maybe the conservative religious base is just a cover! )

Assignment America!

Search for “Buy Meth” in your homestate, let’s see who is advertising on it. Send me a screen shot.


03 2009