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When Spellcheck Would Have Helped:

There are two awesome parts to this screwed up advertisement:

Exposed Wrinkle Creams PPC misspelling

#1) They misspelled ‘wrinkle‘ with ‘wrinkl‘ – Granted, mistakes happen, sometimes people even run out of room. Though, there are still two more spaces available still in the title line.

#2) Domain name choice? Seriously? was the domain name of choice? Holy Crap: the .com is still available still!  I should get pretty soon – they are hot hot hot!

Thanks to Nathan J, for the submission!


03 2009

Bid On A Misspelled Word, But Don’t Use It In Your Ad

There are plenty of times I would recommend bidding on misspellings in your PPC campaign. People often misspell search terms.

But don’t be stupid and use it in your ad. It’s bad PPC, and really bad advertising.


How the heck did ALL the businesses bidding on the term ‘chilrens’ end up using dynamic keyword insertion? (if it’s not that… then it means they actually MEANT to put the typo in their ad? WTF?).

How relevant do they feel a search for ‘childrens’ or ‘chilrens’ is for allergy medication & alarm clocks?

www.RightHealth.Com  –  www.Boots.Pronto.Com  – : Your PPC sucks!

Just because someone misspells the seach term, you aren’t relating or ‘connecting’ to them though by using that same misspelling again in your ad. Your ad represents your business. Pretend this is your billboard or magazine ad. You all look stupid.


03 2009