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Ladies, Debenhams says your feet stink

196/365 Need new shoes
Creative Commons License photo credit: stuartpilbrow

According to Debenhams PPC targeting, Women’s shoes posses a rather pungent smell and they have a sale?! Does anyone hear negatives? Thanks to Russel for submitting this PPC advert!

The ‘Stinky Feet Remedy’ is nicely targeted, even ‘Odour Shoes’ at Amazon I can deal with (for the moment) but Debenhams Blue Cross Sale?!  Talk about a waste of ad title!  Are searchers suppose to magically appreciate a link between the Debenhams blue cross sale and smelly shoes? Maybe you guys are targeting a niche market of smelly feet appreciators?! Whatever the case, it all “Ends Sun” Boo!

This advert is far too generic. The only keyword matching from the search query to the ad copy is within the display URL that  falls under ‘womens shoes’.  Is this a blatant indication that women have smelly feet or have Debenhams failed on a number of PPC issues such as negatives, advert copy, targeting and common sense?!

You know we don’t like PPC adverts with no relevance to the searched keyword. Well done guys. Just sticking shoes and women in at the end of the URL isn’t going to make it any more relevant. Lets run a Search Query Performance Report (SQPR) and make our adgroups a little more targeted please. If you don’t, you’ll end up with adverts that bear little relevancy to the searchers query.  Wave goodbye to your spend.

Right enough ranting,  we’re off to the Blue Cross Sale to smell some stinky women’s shoes! Catch you all next time!


07 2010

I’ll have one other unique queries to go please.

Oh Yes,  it’s the classic ‘copy and paste everything from your search query performance report’ mistake.  This lovely short cut does you wonders in terms of wasted spend, damaged brand and general mockery from the PPC world.

Before you scurry off to check your keyword lists, take a second to review some embarrasing relevancy ads.  Hate to go on about dynamic text, but for the love of PPC, don’t add keywords like ‘other unique queries’!

Money Experts are serious about saving you some money and wasting their own. They’ve even included ‘2 other unique queries’ in the display URL. Boom – that’s dedication.

Plumber Joe,  “Sorry but it’s a burst pipe. I”ll need to buy 1 other unique queries, should take a couple of days.”  Phew – thanks plumbworld!

Next time you conduct a search query performance report, please just look at the keywords before you add them!


04 2010

Ask Jeeves – but not about dates!

I’m not sure exactly who is to blame here – is it or the PPC advertiser?

Either way it sucks!

It’s still there in the UK if you get a chance.  The search works fine for the same advertiser the other way round “22nd march” so I’m still not sure if this is an engine issue or an advertiser issue…

Anyone shed any light on the situation?!


04 2010

Someone Forgot To Finish Their PPC Advertisement

I am speechless. Everything conventional and smart in a PPC optimizer would indicate it’s BAD for business to not write body text for your advertisement. Is it a PPC Blooper?  An embarrassing mistake?

OtherWorldEnterprises.Com had this advertisement running on Adwords:

embarassing ppc advertisement booperWhat is really perplexing is that they took the time to add a Title, and a Display URL  ……..

AND they took the time to click into the two lines of body text and add two periods? Google Adwords does require actual text to be there to save the ad, so I am sure someone was just in a rush.

Tip Of The Day: Even if you are going to test an advertisement temporarily take an extra 15 seconds to write two quick lines of text. Otherwise you get an advertisement available to the public that with a broad keyword can get a few thousand impressions. Then what happens is I find the blooper and post it on and YOU fire the person in charge of your PPC campaign.


04 2009

Kill A Cop Careers Advertised on Google

It’s plain and simple. Google obviously must be perceived to have a ‘trusty’ index of information for people to turn to it for all of their needs. Regardless off how legal or screwed up they are, Google returns information all the time. But I can’t quite admit they should advertise on every ad and search, all the time.

google-search-kill-a-copSo for the search “Kill A Cop” as of 3/30/2009 and where I am in the US ( the ambiguous everywhere….. apparently though, where I am not is fixing Pay Per Click Bloopers) – these are the ads that showed up for such a query:

kill-a-cop-advertismentHAHAHA. “Kill A Cop. – Move your career forward with an accredited online degree!” ?

Assassination school was never so public.  🙂 But hey, at least you can advance/move your career even during an economic recession!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE run a ‘keyword query report’ in Adwords reporting services once in a while and see what searches are triggering your advertisements. Dynamic keyword insertion is lazy anyway. The Ad should have problem read “Become A Cop”, right?

NOPE. I can’t get these ads to show up for the searches for “cop” and “a cop”. The only time I can get them to come up is just for the search term exactly “Kill A Cop” !! Holy Crap! Why?


Special thanks to the twitter user @joshtauber for the keyword search submission!


03 2009

When Spellcheck Would Have Helped:

There are two awesome parts to this screwed up advertisement:

Exposed Wrinkle Creams PPC misspelling

#1) They misspelled ‘wrinkle‘ with ‘wrinkl‘ – Granted, mistakes happen, sometimes people even run out of room. Though, there are still two more spaces available still in the title line.

#2) Domain name choice? Seriously? was the domain name of choice? Holy Crap: the .com is still available still!  I should get pretty soon – they are hot hot hot!

Thanks to Nathan J, for the submission!


03 2009

Bid On A Misspelled Word, But Don’t Use It In Your Ad

There are plenty of times I would recommend bidding on misspellings in your PPC campaign. People often misspell search terms.

But don’t be stupid and use it in your ad. It’s bad PPC, and really bad advertising.


How the heck did ALL the businesses bidding on the term ‘chilrens’ end up using dynamic keyword insertion? (if it’s not that… then it means they actually MEANT to put the typo in their ad? WTF?).

How relevant do they feel a search for ‘childrens’ or ‘chilrens’ is for allergy medication & alarm clocks?

www.RightHealth.Com  –  www.Boots.Pronto.Com  – : Your PPC sucks!

Just because someone misspells the seach term, you aren’t relating or ‘connecting’ to them though by using that same misspelling again in your ad. Your ad represents your business. Pretend this is your billboard or magazine ad. You all look stupid.


03 2009

Braille PPC Ads – Everyone knows not to use ‘SEE’ right?

Rule #1 when advertising to the blind: Don’t mention SEE or SEEN or SEEING ever.

There’s a line and they crossed it. Without shame. It’s a great way to give the middle finger to the handicapped and

I'm sure they'd love to see it. Rub it in.

I'm sure they'd love to see it. Rub it in.

And they never will and they never will.

And they never will and they never will.


03 2009