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Target.Com is selling kids too? Bad PPC advertising

Target – target – target ….. tisk tisk. RetailMeNot.Com selling kids can’t have the space to themselves? Mass retailers always gotta step on the little guys. Supply and demand I guess. People wanted to buy kids online and then everyone wants to sell them.


This makes comparison shopping easier for me 🙂

Well – online ordering is a really nice feature I’ve been wanting for a while now: Toss in free shipping and you’ve twisted my arm!


03 2009

RetailMeNot.Com’s PPC Ad Selling Children ?

I am not even going to get into EVERYTHING that’s wrong with this ad. You don’t even need to know the keyword searched to produce it (…. okay fine… ‘buy children’).

RetailMeNot.Com Sell's Children. Discount even. Heck of a bargain.

RetailMeNot.Com Sell's Children. At discount even. One heck of a bargain (and convenient too).

I really really really really want to do a search query report to see what search terms trigger ad’s for companies like this,, eBay, etc.  I hope RetailMeNot.Com isn’t VC funded – this would be baaaaad news to see how crappy their money is being used. 🙂


03 2009