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Saks Fifth Avenue – Your PPC Sucks

Search on Google for Shirts

Saks Fifth Avenue PPC Advertisement

Saks Fifth Avenue PPC Advertisement

Saks….really? I was preparing a post on how much I hate companies who just take a dictionary and post every word on broad match into their PPC campaign and when I searched ‘shirts’ & Saks Fifth Avenue shows up near the top. They landed me on their homepage nonetheless!

The only thing you have going for you is some branding. It’s probably about as smart as Bentley bidding on ‘cars’ and Beluga Caviar on ‘food’.

I am sure their market analysis and segmentation indicated that their target consumer is cheap and uneducated who’s idea of online shopping is searching online with the term…. ‘shirts’. You know…. the kind of person who’d walk into Walmart and still not know what they want or where to find it – yet – THAT person is probably pretty close to buying some Couture or Dolce & Gabbana online.

It’d be as stupid as Tiffany & Co. bidding on the word ‘ring’ on broad match (I am checking right now).

Damn It……………Search on Google for 'Ring'Tiffany & Co. PPC Ad on 'RING'

How much of the audience searching using only the word ‘shirts’ is really ready to buy that expensive of a shirt? Your PPC Sucks Saks Fifth Avenue. You wasted my time and your money (and you couldnt even put me on the page that sells shirts).


03 2009