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From Easy to Sleazy

Here’s an embarrassing ad that Matt submitted to us (thanks).

This bad PPC advert exemplifies why a lack of negative keyword research, market research and laziness can land you a blog post on yourppcsucks.  Pat on the back people!

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how you can emulate Easyjet’s terrible brand advert.

Step one: Create a brand campaign, throw in some brand variations that that ‘guys’ around the office use.

Step two:  Don’t bother using any negatives – they’re for product adverts.  No one dislikes us anyway, we’re orange.

Step three:  Search Query.. what?

Hey presto, you now have a badly targeted PPC advert! Hurray. Woop Woop.

So what can our lucky guests get from this advert? Well,  your beloved brand keywords could be linked to a range of insults that will provide hilarity at the expensive of your hard earned brand. Furthermore, you may further encourage more people to further hate/dislike/loath your brand. Oh, and you’ll waste your time and money.

Nevertheless, you can still over-charge on aeroplane peanuts and laugh at the silly small people who dislike your company.

easyJet Titles

Creative Commons License photo credit: WexDub

Alternatively, next time you create a brand campaign, you could have a look around the internet for positive and negative brand phrases used! Or, you could create a brand advert that targets unhappy searchers (rock the boat moment?!).


05 2010

Someone Selling Obama on Pay Per Click Advertising?

Are you a lobbyist, activists, and/or someone in the pursuit of buying our new president for personal or financial gain? Our PPC humor blog here on has uncovered a loophole in our democracy You can buy President Obama on NexTag.Com.

We (the aforementioned PPC humor blog) wanted to buy off Obama in the hopes we could get a bill passed that would prevent the abuse of bad and embarrassing advertising on our search engines. (We’re looking at your,,,, &!) Go ahead and toss up NexTag.Com to that list.

buy obama on ppc from nextag


03 2009

Target.Com is selling kids too? Bad PPC advertising

Target – target – target ….. tisk tisk. RetailMeNot.Com selling kids can’t have the space to themselves? Mass retailers always gotta step on the little guys. Supply and demand I guess. People wanted to buy kids online and then everyone wants to sell them.


This makes comparison shopping easier for me 🙂

Well – online ordering is a really nice feature I’ve been wanting for a while now: Toss in free shipping and you’ve twisted my arm!


03 2009

Target.Com | Your PPC Advertising Is Awe Inspiring

Their entire account was built by a robot. They could probably triple their sales if they paid some 16 year old stoner to fancy up their ad’s even just a little.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion & Copy/Paste at it's best.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion & Copy/Paste at it's best.


03 2009