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Someone Forgot To Finish Their PPC Advertisement

I am speechless. Everything conventional and smart in a PPC optimizer would indicate it’s BAD for business to not write body text for your advertisement. Is it a PPC Blooper?  An embarrassing mistake?

OtherWorldEnterprises.Com had this advertisement running on Adwords:

embarassing ppc advertisement booperWhat is really perplexing is that they took the time to add a Title, and a Display URL  ……..

AND they took the time to click into the two lines of body text and add two periods? Google Adwords does require actual text to be there to save the ad, so I am sure someone was just in a rush.

Tip Of The Day: Even if you are going to test an advertisement temporarily take an extra 15 seconds to write two quick lines of text. Otherwise you get an advertisement available to the public that with a broad keyword can get a few thousand impressions. Then what happens is I find the blooper and post it on and YOU fire the person in charge of your PPC campaign.


04 2009

BlackHateBook? – PPC Display URL’s Are Actually Important ….. There’s a slight difference between ‘hate’ and ‘hat’. This was from a PPC advertisement inside g-mail from one of our readers who’s e-mail content mentions SEO enough to warrant advertisements about it.


I’ve had it happen a million times. Have a little to drink, find a great domain, be in awe that it’s available and, boom. Buy it.

Only later realizing of course your domain name itself doesn’t promote a book about black hat practices, it appears to promote black hate and you have to live with it. “Meh, whatever.. it’s just a domain, no one cares about those.” (even though is available)

Sure enough, is the REAL domain for these guys. But it is better in their ‘dirty SEO tactics’ hands than as a KKK operated website.

They do rank well for a lot of related terms right now, but we definitely don’t support ‘blackhat seo practices or blackhate’ display url’s. Tip: Pick a non-offensive domain name, one that is easily remembered, and spell it correctly for the word you are trying to use.

Thanks for the user submission for this one!

We had about 4 submissions over the weekend but the contact form, file attachement feature wasn’t working properly. If you sent something in, please resend it.


03 2009

ASCII Artwork in PPC Ads: Bring It Back Google!

Yes, normally we only point out bad or embarrassing PPC ads. We couldn’t resist re-posting these really good PPC ads. They went around the internet last year, but we wanted to share them again for all those that hadn’t seen them yet. A foreign car rental shop was challenged by their owner to create ads that stand out.

They chose to use ASCII artwork which Google later shutdown. 🙁


Your PPC Rocks!

It stands out, is very creative, it compels users to click on the ad, and it would only make Google more money (which I heard somewhere that they are into that). Google should bring it back.

The best part about ASCII: it’s hard to find any grammatical errors and retarded dynamic keyword insertion problems. Stupid people have less of a chance to screw up (but they’ll still probably bid on the word ‘free’ on broadmatch).


03 2009