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YouTube.Com ads: This Is Just A Gross PPC Advertising

Completely uncalled for YouTube! Shame on you too, for even creating such an advertisement and thinking ANYONE would ever want to see it. GROSS ppc advertisment

I don’t ever click on ad’s from a YouTube.Com video anyway. Unless of course I was trying to close the ad and accidentally missed the small little X. Then it just wastes the money of the advertiser and Google makes more bling. has just plain embarrassing ppc.

Another prime example of a company with so much money – they can spend half of it on a competitors contextual adveritsing platform and make that same competitor even more money. You are sinking yourself Yahoo.


03 2009

Yahoo Relevancy Fails Again – Mickey Mouse & Tupperware?

Just when I finished beating up Yahoo for having a horrible ad serving engine and failure to care about keyword-ad relevancy, they amazed me yet again. I searched for Mickey Mouse, and right in the middle of their ads was this little gem:

mickey-mouse-search-yahootupperware-and-mickey-mouseI’m no genius, but isn’t trying sell anything to do with Mickey Mouse in this bad ppc ad. Kids are out searching for mickey mouse all the time, might as well try and get them addicted sucked into the Tupperware parties scheme like a broke soccer mom who thinks their salvation is in a $60, 7 piece ‘heat ‘n serve’ set complete with a ‘no worry automatic valve’.

( … I want that … )

Just in case, I went back to Yahoo and re-performed my search to check out the landing page for that ad.

I mean…. if we are talking about a failure to be relevant to the users search, maybe they had a good landing page.

tupperwarecom-ppc-landing-pageNope. A log in page.

No selling of anything. No content of any kind. Nothing to do with Mickey Mouse.

Even IF the keyword and ad’s were 100% about Tupperware, and the searcher really was trying to find a website the sells or has info about it: chose probably the least relevant page on their site.


03 2009

Yahoo! PPC Serving Engine Loves Non-Relevant Ads

I don’t care what the phrase used in the search actually was but a search engine should never return these two advertisements next to each other. This is an epic failure of Yahoo’s Ad-serving engine, as well as those managing these campaigns.

Really Bad Relevancy. Two wrong ppc ad'sI’ve NEVER liked managing PPC on Yahoo except when using 3rd party platforms, and they’ve never performed (conversion wise) as well as Google.  No wonder though! How impossibly irrelevant can it get?

Wait a minute, I sense YOU are here. That one type of person. The ones that think to themselves “But it’s probably good branding on PPC, targeting market of truck part shoppers and a naughty dating site to those same guys”. Go away.

Quality indexes and Ad serving engines rate the relevancy of the keyword searched, to the text ad that is delivered, to the landing page for a reason. ie: search is: ‘cup’. All ad’s should be about ‘cups’. The landing pages should be about ‘cups’. I don’t want to search for ‘cups’ to find a dating site.

Screw you Yahoo. You make everyone’s PPC suck because you don’t do a better job of preventing this, or because YOU were the one that chose to put them together. I mean, this was YOUR serp, and you are the second advertisement yourselves. 🙂


03 2009

Yahoo! For Sale On Google Search Result PPC Ad

MSN apparently didn’t have the secret sauce for some reason, but I didn’t think Yahoo would turn to running a PPC campaign to round up new buyers.

Do I GET 10,000 stores if I buy Yahoo, Or 10,000 stores are selling Yahoo ?

Do I GET 10,000 stores if I buy Yahoo? Is that the '& More' ?

You’d think these deep pocket companies would take the time to get their sh$% together. No campaign is too large for the Fortune 500 – they are just lazy (Target.Com and eBay -I expect to have LOTs of ad’s in a top 10 worst ppc ads competition).


03 2009