Yell Display – He’ll Build You A Website Dude

Here is a nice ad submitted to us by Ben – this display ad got our attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

Firstly, this ad seems more of a warning rather than an incentive. The blank stare from this hooded youth makes this ad seem at home in your local police station ‘Find a real web designer in Yell, or you may end up with a shop-smashing-youth like this one being in charge of your website’!

But wait, I saw ‘The Social Network’ – it’s those hoody-wearing youths that know how to make the best websites in the world. I’m sure that all the Harvard boy-geniuses can be found advertising themselves for freelance work in Yell . . .

Lastly, who the hell is this guy?!  My only guess is it’s Yell’s idea of showing off the people behind the listings, that Yell are a medium for connecting the client with the real service provider.  But this guy looks like a scruffy COD playing stoner whose efforts to get a job after Uni extended to being listed in a directory.


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09 2011

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