YouTube.Com ads: This Is Just A Gross PPC Advertising

Completely uncalled for YouTube! Shame on you too, for even creating such an advertisement and thinking ANYONE would ever want to see it. GROSS ppc advertisment

I don’t ever click on ad’s from a YouTube.Com video anyway. Unless of course I was trying to close the ad and accidentally missed the small little X. Then it just wastes the money of the advertiser and Google makes more bling. has just plain embarrassing ppc.

Another prime example of a company with so much money – they can spend half of it on a competitors contextual adveritsing platform and make that same competitor even more money. You are sinking yourself Yahoo.

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03 2009

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    I always wondered the answer to that question… now I know where to look.

  2. L. Mohan Arun #

    I am not sure if Yahoo did this, may be a competitor buys display URL to get bad name for Yahoo? i also submitted 2-3 PPC sucks submissions, but none of them have been published so far. I got another screenshot so I am wondering if I should even bother submitting to yourppcsucks


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